Mechanical production



Grinding and Lapping


By controlling each process, we can ensure full compliance with the requirements.
Officina Meccanica Caino

It was founded in 1970 in Caino in the province of Brescia.
Over the years, she has specialized
in mechanical workings on behalf of third partes

OMC is an ISO 9001 certied company

Mechanical processing

OMC mainly performs mechanical processing to design, using CNC lathes.

It is distnghished by the possibility of carrying out:

Sectors of applicaton

OMC carries out mechanical work in the following sectors:

  • Petroleum Energy
  • Steel industry
  • Hydraulic / Oleodynamic 
  • Automation and Automotive
  • Wind generators
  • Lifting systems
  • Parts for food industry machinery
Materials worked
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Nitrates
  • Cemented
  • Tempered
is capable of boring (internal turning of cylinders) lenghts up to 5000 mm.
  • Interior Grinding
  • Traditonal Threads 
  • Step Saw
  • Trapezioidal
  • Lapping and polishing with Ra 0.2 inish grade
  • Machinery
  • Officina meccanica Caino makes investments to update the machine park in a constant way, updatng machinery and equipment. By adequately training staf on their use to be able to satsfy even the most demanding customers.
  • Flexibility
  • The OMC structure is shaped on fexible systems staf specialized on multple skills organizaton of resources to meet delivery deadlines investments in equipment and training to ensure the realizaton of the product.
  • Experience
  • For ifty years OMC has been carrying out mechanical processing. A young and dynamic environment follows the realizaton of all orders under the supervision and experience of “senior” people who have partcipated in the birth and/or growth of Officina Meccanica Caino.
  • Support
  • The OMC staf is at the custumer’s disposal during all phases of project to meet any need.


On each lathe we can mount electrospindles for grinding
  • GFSC 20 CNC Siemens
  • Heigh of peaks 1200

    Turning length 4500

    Turnable diameter 1930
  • GMG
  • Majestic 1500 CNC Fagor
  • Heigh of peaks 1000

    Turning length 7000

    Turnable diameter 1500
  • GFPE 16 CNC Fagor
  • Heigh of peaks 1010

    Turning length 5500

    Turnable diameter 1470
  • GMG
  • 70 CNC Siemens
  • Heigh of peaks 600

    Turning length 4000

    Turnable diameter 970
  • GFP 12 Visual.
  • Heigh of peaks 560

    Turning length 10500

    Turnable diameter 660
  • PBR
  • TR 35 Visual.
  • Heigh of peaks 300

    Turning length 2000

    Turnable diameter 480
  • FIL
  • Milling CNC Ecs

    Milling FIL     X=4000 Y=1600 Z=2000

  • Anti-vibration boring bars

    Ø 80 x 800
    Ø 120 x 1200
    Ø 200 x 2000
    Ø 250 x 2500
  • Lapping machine

    From Ø 100 to Ø 850 x 6000

Our mission

Since its foundation, OMC’s aim has always been to create complex processes, which over the years have allowed us to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly standardized world.

This has allowed us to carve out a place in the world of mechanical finishing.

Continuing in the trails of the founder, quality and precision in the workmanship combined with the respect of the timing will always be our objective.

Fondatore: Zorzi Ottorino